Links to our favourite sites

Earth flora-Essential.
Flora of China Chinese flora.
Plantes et botanique Botanique.
Les Arbres All about Abies, Acer, Picea, Pinus and Quercus.
Association des Parcs Botaniques de France Safeguard of private arboreta and grounds. Woody plants.
AEB French section of European Bamboo Association.
Gardens and Arboreta
Le Clos de Saint-Saturnin Great friends, big Bamboos, wonderful trees through a big botanical collection to visit...Tel:00333 26 80 15 83
Arboretum de la Cude François Folley, a passionate and selftaught man, guides you through an old apple culture.
Arboretum de Kalmthout Historical, wonderful garden and some of thousands of plants. Great thanks to Jelena and Robert de Belder !
Parc de Schoppenwihr Grounds where big and wonderful trees have pride of place. Nyssa and others are really magnificents !
Chez Pia et Alain An eccentric garden and fine typical cooking.
Les Jardins du Gué A garden and a website, both remarkable according botany, encyclopedia...
Pépinières de la Demoiselle Specialists and real producers of Vosges plants and other Ericaceae.
Pépinière Ewald Hügin The most beautiful perenials y know produced by a very nice man!
Dendrological Plant Image Gallery A picture database.
USDA Image Gallery More than 30 000 pictures...
Arbres fruitiers Fruit trees preservation, nurseries guide. French garden guide, gardening, ...
Des Songes de Verbeia If perfection was a dog...

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