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Click on type pictures to display species list.
If you want to consult a plant complete pin, included picture, click on its name on the list below.
Letter N = placed in front of line mean a new insertion in catalogue.
Every plant is available into this list !

  Name and heights/potsize Price
N Abies fraseri - P11 Abies fraseri
N Abies veitchii - P11 Abies veitchii
N Acer crataegifolium - P9 Acer crataegifolium
N Acer palmatum - P11 Acer palmatum
N Acer tataricum ssp. ginnala - P11 Acer tataricum ssp. ginnala
N Actinidia arguta - P11 Actinidia arguta
N Albizia julibrissin - P9 Albizia julibrissin
N Albizia julibrissin - P11 Albizia julibrissin
Ampelopsis megalophylla - P11 Ampelopsis megalophylla
N Ampelopsis orientalis - P11 Ampelopsis orientalis
N Berberis jaeschkeana - P9 Berberis jaeschkeana
N Berberis pruinosa - P9 Berberis pruinosa
N Berberis vernae - P9 Berberis vernae
N Betula grossa - P9 Betula grossa
N Callicarpa kwangtungensis - P11 Callicarpa kwangtungensis
N Callistemon citrinus - P11 Callistemon citrinus
N Camellia japonica - P9 Camellia japonica
N Celastrus orbiculatus - P9 Celastrus orbiculatus
N Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis - P9 Chamaecytisus ratisbonensis
N Chamaecytisus supinus - P9 Chamaecytisus supinus
N Chimonanthus praecox - P11 Chimonanthus praecox
N Cistus incanus - P9 Cistus incanus
N Coriaria japonica - P9 Coriaria japonica
N Cornus canadensis - P11 Cornus canadensis
N Cornus capitata - P9 Cornus capitata
N Cornus pumila - P9 Cornus pumila
Cornus racemosa - P9 Cornus racemosa
N Cotoneaster arbusculus - P11 Cotoneaster arbusculus
N Cotoneaster lucidus - P9 Cotoneaster lucidus
N Cotoneaster redheri - P11 Cotoneaster redheri
N Cotoneaster salicifolius - P9 Cotoneaster salicifolius
N Cotoneaster salicifolius - P11 Cotoneaster salicifolius
N Cotoneaster vandelarii - P11 Cotoneaster vandelarii
N Cryptomeria japonica - P11 Cryptomeria japonica
N Cupressus macnabiana - P9 Cupressus macnabiana
N Cypripedium macranthos 'White' - P11 Cypripedium macranthos 'White'
N Diospyros lotus - P11 Diospyros lotus
Elaeagnus umbellata - P9 Elaeagnus umbellata
Elaeagnus umbellata - P11 Elaeagnus umbellata
N Eucalyptus mannifera ssp. praecox - P9 Eucalyptus mannifera ssp. praecox
N Eucalyptus niphophila - P9 Eucalyptus niphophila
N Eucalyptus parvifolia - P9 Eucalyptus parvifolia
N Eucalyptus youmanii - P9 Eucalyptus youmanii
N Euonymus carnosus - P9 Euonymus carnosus
N Euonymus japonicus - P11 Euonymus japonicus
N Euonymus phellomanus - P11 Euonymus phellomanus
N Fraxinus mandshurica var. japonica - P9 Fraxinus mandshurica var. japonica
Gymnocladus dioicus - P11 Gymnocladus dioicus
N Halesia diptera - P11 Halesia diptera
N Hamamelis mollis - P11 Hamamelis mollis
N Hamamelis virginiana - P9 Hamamelis virginiana
Hydrangea quercifolia - P11 Hydrangea quercifolia
N Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Bird' - P11 Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Bird'
N Hypericum androsaemum - P9 Hypericum androsaemum
N Hypericum androsaemum - P11 Hypericum androsaemum
N Hypericum kalmianum - 0-40 Hypericum kalmianum
N Idesia polycarpa - P11 Idesia polycarpa
N Iris sibirica - P9 Iris sibirica
N Magnolia sprengeri - P11 Magnolia sprengeri
N Magnolia tripetala - P11 Magnolia tripetala
Nyssa sylvatica - P11 Nyssa sylvatica
N Paeonia peregrina - P11 Paeonia peregrina
N Philadelphus lewisii - P9 Philadelphus lewisii
N Photinia villosa - P11 Photinia villosa
N Pinus thunbergii - P11 Pinus thunbergii
N Poncirus trifoliata - P11 Poncirus trifoliata
N Potentilla atrosanguinea var. argyrophylla - P11 Potentilla atrosanguinea var. argyrophylla
N Prinsepia uniflora - P9 Prinsepia uniflora
N Prunus maximowiczii - P9 Prunus maximowiczii
N Pseudocydonia sinensis - P11 Pseudocydonia sinensis
N Psidium cattleianum - P9 Psidium cattleianum
N Psidium littorale - P11 Psidium littorale
N Ptelea baldwinii - P9 Ptelea baldwinii
N Pterostyrax corymbosus - P9 Pterostyrax corymbosus
N Rosa rubrifolia - P9 Rosa rubrifolia
N Sapium japonicum - P11 Sapium japonicum
N Sarcococca hookeriana - P11 Sarcococca hookeriana
N Staphylea bumalda - P11 Staphylea bumalda
Staphylea colchica - P11 Staphylea colchica
N Stewartia monadelpha - P9 Stewartia monadelpha
Stewartia pseudocamellia - P9 Stewartia pseudocamellia
Stewartia pseudocamellia - P11 Stewartia pseudocamellia
Styrax japonicum - P11 Styrax japonicum
N Syringa reticulata ssp amurensis - P9 Syringa reticulata ssp amurensis
N Syringa sweginzowii - P11 Syringa sweginzowii
N Tripterygium wilfordii - P9 Tripterygium wilfordii
N Viburnum nudum - P11 Viburnum nudum
N Zanthoxylum armatum - P9 Zanthoxylum armatum
N Zanthoxylum armatum - P11 Zanthoxylum armatum
Zanthoxylum piperitum - P9 Zanthoxylum piperitum
Zanthoxylum piperitum - P11 Zanthoxylum piperitum
Zanthoxylum simulans - P9 Zanthoxylum simulans
Zanthoxylum simulans - P11 Zanthoxylum simulans